Adaptive Launch Solutions (ALS), a small disadvantaged business, utilizing both United Launch Alliance and ALS IRAD funds completed a Preliminary Design Review of the A-DECK ride share systems in December, 2010.

Our successful PDR resulted in Office of Space Launch and NASA Launch Services Program sponsorship of the A-DECK Qualification Test Program and Critical Design Review completed in the first quarter of 2012.   A-DECK enables Auxiliary Payloads from 1 to 1000 kgs  to ride share on ATLAS V and Delta IV missions.

Our team has the necessary critical talent and extensive backgrounds in space programs management and control, design engineering, analysis, test and evaluation, manufacturing, launch operations, contracts, subcontracts and cost/price analysis.  The critical engineering skills reflect the experience necessary to complete our innovative space rideshare system including personnel under contract to, or committed to, ALS for this program.