Philip E. Smith P.E. (CEO/CTO)

Phil Smith began his career as a structural design engineering working for URS John Blume & Associates and Bechtel Corporation after which he moved to San Diego to begin work at General Dynamics Space Systems on the Shuttle/Centaur and Atlas/Centaur Launch Vehicles. He was part of the team that created the MLV-II and Atlas IIAS programs and was a key member of the Space Launch Complex 3 modifications for Atlas IIAS. Beginning in 1994 Mr. Smith became the founding CEO of Integrated Space Systems, a small engineering services firm, that later helped form the publicly traded SpaceDev Corporation building small spacecraft and rocket engines.

Mr. Smith has extensive experience in design development working with Universities, small companies, major corporations and U.S. Government Agencies including NASA Ames Research Center and NASA Dryden Flight Research Center. Mr. Smith received a B.S. in Civil Engineering and M.S. in Structural Engineering from University of California at Berkeley, is a Board Member of the Space Grant Education and Enterprise Institute, is a California Licensed Engineer, is a member of the FIRST Robotics San Diego Regional Planning Committee and Chair of the AIAA San Diego Section Council.

Anthony Kyriakidis (Program Manager)

Kyriakidis brings 22 years of experience working on manufacturing and design of launch vehicles, propellant feed lines, including detail knowledge of light weight fabrication and design methodology of the Centaur high energy upper stage tank. Additionally, Mr. Kyriakidis had program management responsibility for the international Galaxy Express program including the coordination of activities between three different sites for this State Department approved export of ITAR controlled program. Responsibilities included creation of IMS schedules, program estimating, contracting oversight, earned value management, and general leadership of a geographically dispersed team.

Mr. Kyriakidis also provided technical information to United Launch Alliance’s Consolidation Cost and Savings Proposal and led a team of engineers that enabled knowledge transfer of Centaur fabrication from San Diego, CA to Decatur, AL. Mr. Kyriakidis received a B.S. Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University, has been certified as a cost account manager in earned value management by Lockheed Martin and attended Lockheed Martin’s management leadership program at Carnegie-Mellon University in 2003.

James Parra (Senior Design Engineer, Project Manager)

Parra has spent his entire professional career working on launch vehicles and launch facilities. He has provided engineering support to Production Operations for the manufacturing of the Centaur upper stage stainless steel rocket. Support included design, manufacturing, tooling and test. Manufacturing processing involve resistance and fusion welding of the thin (.020” – .063”) stainless steel material. Primarily, tasks involved resolution of nonconforming conditions including dispositions, root cause investigations and corrective action determination. Mr Parra has also held various structural design assignments including riveted structures (Payload Fairing (PLF), Payload Adapter, Interstage Adapter etc).

Mr. Parra led a group of design engineers to design a booster tank for the Japanese Galaxy Express program. Tasks included overseeing the design phases, developing of estimates, schedules, managing budgets (cost account manager) and creating upper level specifications, engineering specification and drawing controls, PIDs and CDRLs. Mr. Parra provided launch support (Tiger Team) at Cape Canaveral Launch Facility including encapsulation operations of payloads in the PLF. Mr. Parra received a B.S. Engineering Technology from New Mexico State University and at his previous employer maintained Material Review Board (MRB) authorization and Certified Responsible Engineer classification (subject matter expert) since 1995.

Jack Rubidoux (V.P. Business Development)

Rubidoux began his Aerospace career with General Dynamics Space Systems working on the Atlas Launch Vehicle Program. In 1994 Mr. Rubidoux was the founding Vice President of Business Development for Integrated Space Systems that employed former General Dynamics Space Systems engineers. While there Mr. Rubidoux established multi-million dollar U.S. government R&D contracts, highlighted by the development of a hybrid propulsion system, the Secondary Payload Orbital Transfer Vehicle (SPOTV).

Mr. Rubidoux was an associate with the American Suppliers Institute (ASI) Consulting Group – world leaders in the “Genichi Taguchi Methods” of Robust Engineering and methods developed by Dr. Subir Chowdhury including Six Sigma Process Control management. Also, Mr. Rubidoux supported sensitive Washington D.C Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) firms. Mr. Rubidoux received a B.A. History from the University of San Diego and certificates in Cost Price Analysis from the University of San Diego and Government Contract Law from West Coast University Law School.

Claudia von Wilpert (Treasurer and Accounts Manager)

von Wilpert has extensive experience in cost accounting and management including having been Director of Accounting, Space Grant Education and Enterprise Institute where her duties included government reporting, personnel administration as well as accounting functions. While at Atlantic Richfield Ms. von Wilpert held various managerial positions in accounting in their Los Angeles corporate headquarters in as well as the Synthetic Crude & Mineral Division in Denver. During her career she has successfully held accounting assignments in small engineering and manufacturing firms and not-for-profit organizations.

Ms. von Wilpert received a B.A. from University of Colorado at Boulder, M.B.A. (Finance concentration) from University of California at Los Angeles and is an Enrolled Agent for tax preparation and planning.

Key Advisors

Jim Grady (Senior Advisor, International Business Development)

Jim Grady is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for the Alliance for Commercial Enterprises and Education in Space (ACES) which supports the Space Portal Office at NASA Ames. Mr. Grady has over 20 years experience in space systems integration and management. He led the Hubble Space Telescope integration with the Space Shuttle. Mr. Grady was operations lead on the first Air Force Space Shuttle flight and on the Lockheed Martin Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars”) program. Jim founded a satellite imagery commercial space company and led that company to profitability within two years. He has managed commercial space programs and technology enterprises involving international offset, in Norway (with Lockheed Martin), in South Korea (with Boeing) and in many other countries. International business development activities has included support of F16, C-130 and other aerospace product sales through development of space systems and advanced technology in customer countries such as Great Britain and Norway and many other nations. Mr. Grady’s work in this area has included development of a satellite ground station in Norway, high bandwidth communication systems in the UK, and development of joint venture international business plans.

Mr. Grady’s education includes a B.A. in Physics and a B.A. in Philosophy at Lewis and Clark College, and a M.A. in Natural Science at San Jose State University. Publications include the book, Satellite Photo-Atlas of the United States, and over a dozen papers on space systems integration and management. Mr. Grady serves as a delegate to the U.S.-Japan working group on space ( ) commissioned by the President, and as a board member of the Pacific Space Center supporting the State of Hawaii. Mr. Grady serves as a director and is a former chairman of the AIAA Space Operations and Support Technical Committee (

Lisa Jacobs (Senior Advisor, Contracts)

Lisa Jacobs most recent experience was as subcontracts manager responsible for over $100M in Domestic Government and Foreign Commercial Contracts for L-Communications – Telemetry West. Ms. Jacobs has extensive experience with Proposals/Business Development capture identifying risk and delineating terms and conditions most advantageous to the corporation. Direct interface with Export Control Officer in preparation of Technical Assistance Agreements (TAA) and Export licenses required for foreign contracts. Significant involvement with National Security Administration for compliance with governmental regulations and restrictions related to L-3 products. While at Allied Aerospace Inc. she was the manager of Subcontracts, Finance and Procurement departments for Unmanned Air Vehicle program. Ms. Jacobs also served as Field Security Officer (FSO), performed inventory control and purchase order reconciliation within the Cost point accounting system; and prepared Proprietary Information Agreements (PIA). As President of ACQUISITION SOLUTIONS, a small wholly-owned subsidiary of Titan Corporation, Lisa provided Contracts, Subcontracts, Purchasing, Inventory Control, and Government Furnished Property Management support for Research and Development (R&D) office of Titan Corporation. Additionally, performed all contractual and due diligence activities involved in business unit sale and dissolution. At General Dynamics Space Systems Ms. Jacobs managed and performed Government Furnished Property (GFP) management and administered varied contract types with government agencies including Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Energy (DOE), and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Ms. Jacobs holds a Bachelor of Science from Boston University, Boston Massachusetts, and several extensive certificates in Cost Price Analysis, Government Contract Law and Acquisition Management, from the University of San Diego – School of Business Law School. Ms. Jacobs currently holds active Top Secret Clearance.

Ron Stoneburner (Senior Advisor, Business Management)

Stoneburner’s background includes 12 years as an independent consultant whose clients have included launch vehicle manufactures, satellite launch services marketing companies, other aerospace companies and small start-up firms. Prior to that he was a key staff member at International Launch Services Inc. (ILS) a Joint Venture of Lockheed Martin and Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, Moscow, Russia, where Mr. Stoneburner served as Vice President Business Operations, responsible for the Joint Venture business relationship and all international and domestic commercial and government contracts for Atlas (Lockheed Martin) and Proton (Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center) launch services. These responsibilities also included all subcontracts and export control at ILS. For 9 years before ILS, Mr. Stoneburner served as Vice President, Contracts and Estimating, for General Dynamics Space Systems Division where he was responsible for all contracts and estimating activities from proposal development through negotiation and administration.

During this period, he played a key role in the development of the commercial launch service business for General Dynamics. During this tenure, he was also responsible for procurement and subcontracts, and led the due diligence and transition teams for the divestiture of Space Systems and its commercial subsidiary, General Dynamics Commercial Launch Services, Inc. to Martin Marietta Corporation (now Lockheed Martin). Prior to moving to Space Systems Division, Mr. Stoneburner was Director of Contracts, Pomona Division; Corporate Manager of Contracts; and other roles in various operations of General Dynamics Corporation. While Corporate Manager of Contracts in the General Dynamics Corporate office, he had a key role in the acquisition and transition of businesses acquired by the Corporation.